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We help organisations develop their resilience and future advantage by upgrading their circular economy thinking to include regeneration and addressing the organisational conditions that drive linear economy lock-in. 

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Key outcomes

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Place-based innovation

Helping a Gulf state devise a regeneration strategy. 

We used a collaborative workshop to explore the unique essence of the place, asking what natural or technical assets we could begin to build a circular and regenerative economy from. We then built out a strategy to attract investment and regenerate the marine ecosystem of reefs, mangrove and sea grass by developing sympathetic eco tourism, the use of renewable materials in an eco park and ecosystem services such as increasing fish stocks, carbon capture and more resilience to erosion posed by rising sea levels. The model which amplifies in a fly wheel type effect and creates more and more spin off benefits is being adopted in the regional climate resilience strategy. 

Re-imaginging a consumer sector

Helping a global household goods company turn competition into partnerships. 

The Indian economy has a strong circular economy for household goods which created a potential challenge to a new entrant scaling up. To unlock their thinking, we immersed the client team in the regenerative strategies we see in forests during a design sprint. The result was that rather than try to compete they were inspired by ideas of symbiotic partnership to create a platform that would nurture and support India's circular economy by designing products and services that support re-circulation and increase abundance for all stakeholders.

'Playing to think'  in exec education

Helping a pioneering NGO and a world renowned academic institution develop system thinkers with a regenerative mindset.

We devised a design sprint to take participants through a process of imagining themselves and their organisations fully participating in a circular and regenerative economy. We created experiences that immersed participants in the natural world and helped them build models of new business ecosystems and new organisational conditions in order to develop their regenerative innovation muscles. 

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